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Digital Identity and Security Services designed for the public sector

What Is Healthroam

Healthroam offers a modular set of services designed to promote closer integration & collaboration amongst public sector agencies. Our trusted digital identities & built-in access control technology enable frictionless movement, seamlessly connecting people and devices. See how Roamkey® identities enable integration, collaboration and shared connectivity between partner agencies.

Enable simpler, more sustainable, automated ways of connecting people. Develop technologies that redefine the modern care landscape through smart flexible connectivity. Connect people without borders & care without compromise.
Simon Lane Co-Founder & CTO, Healthroam Ltd

Healthroam technology


Our innovative identity technology

  • Integrates with any device, for simple self enrolment
  • Integrates with any existing cloud identity provider inc. NHSMail.
  • Completely password-less access with embedded crypto keys
  • Seamless Identity Validation with crypto challenge based MFA
  • Enterprise Mobility Access Secure IT network resources via our Connect service

How Healthroam can help you

Healthroam remote

Our always-on VPN service is included with every Roamkey®

  • Industry Leading Cloud-based VPN technology for connectivity from any location
  • Resilient Shared HSCN connectivity for clinical systems access on the go
  • Simple self-installation for both managed & unmanaged devices
  • Seamless Connectivity with Roamkey® Passwordless authentication
  • Backup your existing primary VPN service for business continuity
  • Upgrade to our Remote Premium VPN service at any time
  • Visibility View all Remote Premium users & devices via customer portal

How Healthroam can help you

Healthroam Connect

Encrypted Wi-Fi Service with Built-in Access Control

  • Link up sites in any location with our cloud-based service
  • Integrate any existing identity providers inc. NHSMail for identity validation in real-time
  • Overlay onto any existing Wi-Fi network with our vendor agnostic technology
  • Access IT systems across sites via a single common Wi-Fi SSID
  • Rapidly deploy security policy across common IT systems, sites & devices
  • Add more users & devices instantly via Roamkey enrolment
  • Employ context-based policies for greater access control and security
  • View all roaming users & devices on your network via customer portal

Benefits of our technology

Our trusted digital identity technology with built in access control enable people and devices to operate simply and efficiently across the public sector landscape. Offering seamless connectivity without relying on guest Wi-Fi or additional IT systems.

Fully encrypted Wi-Fi service with built-in access control provides secures access to IT systems across sites via a single common SSID.

Our innovative digital identity technology provides crypto key-based authentication with challenge-based MFA for completely password-less access.

Access Secure IT network resources via our Connect service. Our strong authentication enables role-based access controls for enterprise apps & resources.

Our cloud-based service offers simple self-enrolment for all staff and devices, rapid deployment of security policy across common IT systems and granular context-based policies for greater access control and security.

Our sustainable vendor agnostic technology overlays onto any existing Wi-Fi network And integrates with any existing identity providers inc. NHSMail

Our case studies

How our system is used in the healthcare sector

Read how Healthroam has already helped other organisations. See how remote access and roaming solutions have been proved a huge success.

Healthroam Collaborations Wi-Fi Proof of Concept goes Live

North West London CCG pilots Healthroam Collaborations to deliver Wi-Fi roaming across a select number of its sites. With users from different organisations collaborating successfully by...

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The UK’s First Remote Access Solution to use NHSMail Single Sign-On

Prior to the pandemic, North West London CCG urgently required a new centralised remote access service for up to 6000 Primary Care users. Our innovative NHSMail single sign-on...

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Digital identity is the key that can unlock the future of healthcare access.

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