Digital identity is the key that can unlock the future of healthcare access. Whether that be access to digital media, Health & Social Care applications, interacting with patients, or operating out of multiple sites across departments. Digital identity gives secure access to everybody but most importantly, not just anybody. Digital identity is an instant assessment and authorisation of the user interacting with business systems on the web. It is wholly possible to instantly grant access and permissions for a variety of virtual tools whilst simultaneously restricting access to those without permissions.

Healthcare access has traditionally been dictated by its network. Leaving Healthcare services to react to that network, at the mercy of a binary yes or no access policy often with legacy IT systems with little room for collaborative working. Where can I operate from? What access can I have? How long does access take? What device do I use? Who can I collaborate with? What code/key or password do I use? What could it do for you if you knew you could sign on to your network anywhere knowing all the things you’d access from your desk from your work laptop were now available to you anywhere on any device? After all, a network is simply a conduit for data and should not represent a barrier to how and where Healthcare can operate. More to the point, the network should represent the biggest point of access to a wealth of carers’ tools enabling them to carry out their function simply, timely and efficiently.

Here’s the bonus, every Health & Social Care user already has a digital identity created for them, already on the internet. Why not take the extra step to rationalise this huge digital identity infrastructure to modernise network access across the sector? Rapid, scalable deployment means Healthroam allows each Health & Social Care user to interact with the network, like any other app. Using their digital identity to gain network access to everything they need to perform their role, from anywhere!

The user can now operate from any site or location across the entire Health & Social Care landscape!

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