Terms & Conditions


Its free for organisations to join HealthRoam, providing the eligibility requirements are met as outlined below. Each organisation can procure a HealthRoam Remote or HealthRoam Collaborations subscription for their users, at any time. Any eligible organisation can also participate in the HealthRoam service without procuring a subscription. This is done by applying to connect your existing Wi-Fi infrastructure to HealthRoam at any of your sites. We do not charge any setup fees for this. 


HealthRoam is designed for the Health & Social Care sector. However, our aim is to support productivity and collaboration so we can consider applications from other relevant parties. Full eligibility details are outlined in the HealthRoam service definition.   

An organisation wishing to join HealthRoam must either: 

  • Be more than 50% publicly funded 
  • Have charitable status 
  • Be a commercial organisation providing services to a Health & Social Care body 


This can be done either directly through us or via one of our channel partners. See the Contact Details section on our website. 


HealthRoam does not levy any one-off setup charges to join the HealthRoam service. All charges are on a subscription basis only. 


Should there be an off-boarding charge for Removing VPN tunnels and ISE portal config for other IDP connections?


A single HealthRoam Remote VPN tunnel and software build is supplied as standard with each HealthRoam Remote and Collaborations subscription. This can be chosen from the following options*: 

Standard VPN tunnel and software Build – Supplied as standard unless customisations requested: 

  • NHSMail SSO Authentication 
  • No SSO re-authenticate at VPN login 
  • VPN Software Settings: 
  • Auto Boot on device start-up – On; VPN Auto Connect – Off 

Customised VPN tunnel and software build 

  • NHSMail SSO Authentication – Re-authenticate at each VPN login 
  • Other IDP VPN Tunnel Authentication – Re-authentication or No re-authenticate at the login 
  • Some additional VPN Software Settings can be customised from the standard build to suit the organisation and/or service requirements  

If the customer intends on supplying their own VPN software to access the service a VPN software profile will be supplied with the following caveats: 

  • Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client must be used 
  • The use of a customer supplied VPN client is at their own risk and must adhere to the Terms and Conditions under the contract 

*Additional VPN tunnels and software builds can be procured at the time of order or during an existing contract 


In addition to the HealthRoam Remote VPN tunnel and software build, each HealthRoam Collaborations subscription is supplied with the Standard  Access Profile*. This and some customisable options are shown below: 

Standard Access Profile 

  • One HealthRoam Digital Certificate(For single organisation only) 
  • One VPN tunnel and software build 
  • NHSMail authentication for Wi-Fi access, via SSO Portal 
  • Standard Access Control* for Wi-Fi access, at all HealthRoam connected sites 

Customisable Access Profile Options 

  • Additional HealthRoam Digital Certificates, for groups of organisations 
  • Additional VPN tunnel and software builds, for groups of organisations 
  • Alternative IDP authentication for Wi-Fi access, via SSO Portal 
  • Customised Access Control for Wi-Fi access, at all HealthRoam connected sites 
  • Customised Access Control for Wired access, at selected HealthRoam connected sites 

Other HealthRoam Connectivity Options 

  • Wired connectivity setup for any HealthRoam connected sites  
  • HealthRoam Wi-Fi client and connection profile** 

*Standard Access Controls provides access to HSCN systems and services only at all HealthRoam connected sites. 

**A Wi-Fi client is not supplied as standard with the HealthRoam Collaborations subscription. It is the responsibility of the customer to supply, configure and support a Wi-Fi client for access to the service unless specified at the time of order.