NHSMail was a large scale One Identity, digital identity rollout. Each NHS worker has their own log in essentially creating a centrally stored digital database. This pre-existing database can be put to work smarter to increase your security layers. The NCSC encourage frequent password changes, 3-word combinations and avoiding passwords that could be prone to ‘spraying’- a list of common passwords hackers try. NHSMail through Microsoft has these security features already built-in encouraging users to do the right thing by default.

Have a look around your IT department. How many times have remote or roaming workers had to ask for a general password to gain access to the network? How many times have you seen it on a post-it or in marker on the board? Has your organisation got a password period to reset in place for network access? What is the guidance on setting passwords, are they strong enough?

The answer is a likely no. The additional benefit using a trusted digital identity such as NHSMail brings is that all these advised security protocols come as standard. This is how your single sign-on works smarter, not harder, for your organisation’s security. One centralised digital identity to authenticate all systems seamlessly.

Log in once and be pre-authenticated to all systems using Healthroam Remote and Collaborations
knowing you are using the best practice as standard.

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