Healthroam Connect

Encrypted Wi-Fi Service with Built-in Access Control

Built for roaming workers

What is Healthroam Connect?

Designed to promote closer integration and collaboration amongst public sector agencies. Our encrypted Wi-Fi service with built-in access control technology enables people and devices to operate simply and efficiently across the public sector landscape. Offering seamless connectivity without relying on guest Wi-Fi or additional IT systems.

Powerful cloud-based security

Enabling integrations from the Cloud with any existing identity provider to rapidly deploy security policy across common IT systems, sites & devices. Link up sites in any location with our cloud-based service for a modern Zero-Trust approach to secure access control. View all roaming users & devices on your network via advanced cloud-based customer portal.

Modular Sustainable Approach

Our modular approach to collaboration empowers public sector agencies to deploy encrypted Wi-Fi with built-in access control via our Connect service, or integrate Roamkey® identities with their own self-hosted access control solution. Our sustainable vendor agnostic technology overlays onto any existing Wi-Fi network.

Healthroam features & benefits

What Healthroam Connect does

Link up sites in any location with our cloud-based service

Integrate any existing identity providers inc. NHSMail for identity validation in real-time

Overlay onto any existing Wi-Fi network with our vendor agnostic technology

Access IT systems across sites via a single common Wi-Fi SSID

Rapidly deploy security policy across common IT systems, sites & devices

Add more users & devices instantly via Roamkey enrolment

Employ context-based policies for greater access control and security

View all roaming users & devices on your network via customer portal

Highest encryption standards guaranteed to protect sensitive data in transit

Fully resilient managed service with our robust SLA's

Single Sign On using NHSMail

Digital Identity and Zero Trust

Digital Identity technologies have evolved in the modern era, mainly driven by cloud technologies and processes. To deliver secure infrastructures it is vital to be able to Trust the digital identity of any user, and or device that attempts to interact with it. This forms the constructs for Zero-Trust and the delivers security, dynamic access control and identity security. The importance of Trusted digital identities cannot be underestimated in this digital age.

All Healthroam services are powered by our innovative Roamkey technology. Our innovative identity technology integrates with any existing Single Sign-On identity provider including NHSMail for simple and secure self-enrolment. Our Trusted Digital Identities seamlessly interact with secure infrastructures, apps and systems to enable seamless integration, collaboration and shared connectivity between partner agencies.

Rationalising NHS Estate

Secure Infrastructures and Shared Connectivity

Secure infrastructures typically operate in much the same way as standard infrastructures with many of the same component parts and constructs, but the key difference is in their ability to interact with who is what is connected to it. The founding principle behind any secure infrastructure is Never Trust, Always verify! This methodology secures users, devices and data so that every interaction is verified, controlled and secured.

Healthroam Connect integrates with any existing infrastructures to make dynamic access decisions in real-time and control who or what is allowed to interact and how much access should be provisioned.These security controls are particularly important to a continually evolving entity like the public sector enabling agencies to build-in & automate security policies. Supporting transitions to new locations, rapid changes in policy & technologies whilst securing the infrastructures, users & devices connected to it. The ability to verify the context of every connection in real-time ensures security policy can be adhered to, when building trusted integrations and shared connectivity models across organisations, agencies, sectors and their estates.

How Healthroam Connect Solves

Key Public Sector Challenges

  • Support highly mobile teams with reliable shared connectivity at Health Hubs and other partner sites in the community
  • Standardise shared connectivity across multi-tenanted sites
  • Increase workforce productivity through seamless connectivity and promote collaborative working through a consistent user experience across your partner sites
  • Utilise shared connectivity to streamline migration of Acute services into community and other partner locations.
  • Join up reliable shared connectivity at more partner sites nationwide to deliver care at more locations
  • Share connectivity across ICS landscapes to improve service resilience and reduce running costs
  • Adopt a greener, more sustainable approach

Scalable Model

Connect packages

Our modular approach supports integration and collaboration amongst partner agencies. Deploy our encrypted Wi-Fi service with built-in access control or integrate Roamkey® identities with your own self-hosted access control solution. Our scalable model allows any public sector agency to subscribe to the Roamkey service and access shared connectivity at any partner agency sites. Enrol users & devices for Roamkey identities instantly via our self-service platform.

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