Healthroam Remote

Robust Always-On VPN service with access to HSCN

Healthroam Remote

What is Healthroam Remote?

Healthroam Remote is a trusted, connected, and flexible cloud-based remote access VPN service. Healthroam Remote provides reliable, encrypted, Always-On connectivity to HSCN systems and services, powered by our Roamkey technology.

Healthroam features & benefits

What Healthroam Remote does

Always-on VPN service included with every Roamkey®

Industry Leading Cloud-based VPN technology for connectivity from any location

Resilient shared HSCN connectivity for clinical systems access on the go

Simple self-installation for both managed & unmanaged devices

Seamless Connectivity with Roamkey® Passwordless authentication

Backup your existing primary VPN service for business continuity

Upgrade at any time

Healthroam Remote Premium

  • Simplify and scale easily with our VPN as-a-service model
  • Replace your existing VPN solution easily with our dedicated and robust remote access service
  • Support roaming users and devices with visibility of all connections via our customer portal
  • Full service resilience with our robust SLA’s

Scalable Model

Remote packages

Our Healthroam Remote VPN service is included for any user when enrolled for a Roamkey identity and Healthroam Remote software is installed. Our shared VPN platform with HSCN connectivity is perfect to support your existing primary VPN service for business continuity. Upgrade to our Healthroam Remote Premium service at any time for robust SLA’s and greater visibility.

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